Ever since 1981, Sandwich has been presenting collections with great attention to detail and a very recognizable signature. Clothes that can be worn every day without being everyday.

Sandwich offers countless combination possibilities. Because Together is better. And harmony is beauty. Each collection is a finely balanced composition of styles, colours, patterns, materials and silhouettes. From jacket to dress, and from blouse to pants: all items can be matched up with each other, throughout the seasons.

The Sandwich design studio is based in Amsterdam. Our clothes are available worldwide in more than 2,200 shops.

Starting this autumn, we will be making more than clothes at Sandwich. We are proud to announce the launch of our very first interior collection: Sandwich Things. The collection consists of plates, bowls, cups, candle holders, candles, napkins, vases and pillows. For a warm and luxurious feel, we chose the colours white, beige, soft pink and soft green with a touch of gold here and there. The graphic prints on the pillows are embroidered, giving everything an extra cosy effect.
The plates, bowls and cups come in beautiful gift boxes, making Sandwich Things not only nice to have, but also to give.
Just like our clothing line, we will surprise our customers with new products every season in our interior collection.
Sandwich Things will be available in selected (Sandwich) shops throughout the Netherlands.


Hof van Holland 132

3332 EH Zwijndrecht